When I was a student, I hated English classes.

One day I had an exam; I hadn’t studied and tried to cheat.

It didn’t end well. My teacher noticed I was not acting normal.

She took my exam, crossed it out, and pulled me out of the classroom.

She yelled at me first, of course. She told me I was a terrible student.

Even worse, she told me that I would not ever be able to learn the language.

I decided to prove her wrong.

Ironically, that’s how I realized languages can be fun.

Now I teach Spanish. I’ve been a teacher for over 5 years, and I love it.

I help students who want to learn the language because they are dating or married to an Ecuadorian person, or because they want to come to Ecuador, to undersantad how we Ecuadorians speak so they can communicate in a natural way.

I know learning a new language can be challenging, but I also know the benefits of speaking more than one; and I do my best to help my students learn Spanish, and enjoy the process.

By the way, I’m Andrés, I live in Quito, and I’m 32.

Looking forward to meeting you!

to start learning how Ecuadorians speak

10 phrases to sound like an ecuadorian ebook

10 PHRASES TO SOUND LIKE AN ECUADORIAN (even if you are a beginner)


I will also send you an email every day with a short story. Getting the emails is free too, and at the end of each one I offer my services as a Spanish teacher.