#08 [Interview] Ecuador in 4 days | Chews to Explore

In this episode I talk with Darren from Chews to Explore, his YouTube channel, where he and his wife share their adventures around the world.

In May 2022 they visited Ecuador, and in this episode we talked about their time in the country.

If you are planning to visit Ecuador, I’m sure you will find this interview interesting and useful.


0:12 — Guest introduction.

0:38 — Start of the interview.

0:52 — Darren’s YouTube channel.

1:35 — Why did he and his wife visited Ecuador.

2:45 — What three cities he visited in the mainland in just three days.

4:00 — Darren explains what his philosophy “see the world, save a dollar” means.

4:54 — How and when his idea/project was born.

6:25 — What did his wife said when he suggested traveling the way they do.

7:45 — The lake Darren visited without knowing that in Ecuador there are pretty cold places.

08:23 — His favorite place in Ecuador (mainland).

09:30 — His experience with Ecuadorian food, and the dish he would like to try in the future.

11:00 — His experience interacting with Ecuadorians, and how speaking Spanish (or a different language) can be helpful on a trip.

13:10 — The two words Darren knows in Arabic and how he can get by in countries like Egypt, and what it has to do with the “I don’t want to speak Spanish because I don’t speak it perfectly” idea some people have.

15:16 — The place that was in his bucket list, and he could visit in a one-day trip.

17:21 — Why Darren doesn’t like to count the countries he visits.

18:53 — The countries he would like to visit.

21:39 — His advice for anyone who wants to visit Ecuador.

23:15 — Where to find Darren.

24:10 — Farewell and end of interview.


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