From Cheating to Actually Learning » How I Learned English by Myself

In this video, I share my personal experience of how I learned English. As a Spanish teacher in Ecuador, I thought it would be interesting to share my story with my students and those who want to learn a second or third language.


When I was in school, I used to hate English. It seemed like a boring subject to me. We mostly had to memorize lists of verbs and then regurgitate all that information onto an exam sheet.

One day, when I hadn’t studied for the exam, I thought of cheating, thinking my teacher wouldn’t notice. But I was wrong. Not only did she catch me, but she took away my exam, crossed it out completely, gave me a zero, and kicked me out of the classroom, not before telling me that I was the worst student she had ever had and that I was incapable of learning English.

And that hurt me, so I decided to prove her wrong.

I started by translating the lyrics of my favorite songs and memorizing all the words that were new to me. Then I began translating all the texts in the English book and also memorized those words. Somehow, all that new vocabulary helped me understand the classes better, and I don’t know how, but I went from being the worst student in that class to being one of the best.

That’s the beginning of my story with English, and I tell you a bit more in the video above.




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