I’m happy my student didn’t come back

I started teaching Spanish lessons back in 2016.

I have worked with many students. Most of them have been adults, and most of them really wanted to learn the language.

But I remember one, he was about 20, and I have no idea why he started taking lessons with me.

For the first class (the trial class) I prepared a couple of different activities because I didn’t know his Spanish level. Yes, I asked him, but he didn’t reply to the message.

We started the lesson. I asked some questions about his level and motivations to learn the language, but his answers were just “si”, “no”, “no sé”, and so on.

We finished the class and I assumed I wouldn’t see him again.

Next week he booked another class. I was surprised.

I prepared the lesson based on what he told me during the trial lesson. “This time it will be better, ” I thought. But no.

We started the lesson and after 10 minutes he was yawning.

“Sorry, I’m tired,” he said.

Ok. I understood that, but every time I tried to make him talk, he just said “sí”, “no”, “no sé”, and so on.

We finished the class. To be honest, that was one of the most awkward classes I’ve had.

I didn’t enjoy the class at all, and it was obvious he didn’t enjoy it either. Imagine my surprise when the next week he booked another lesson.

I just wanted to cancel it and send him his money back, but I was just starting to work as a teacher, and I didn’t want to make him feel bad.

As I expected, the class was a mess. He kept answering my questions the same way he did in the previous lessons, he kept yawning during the class and he kept saying “Sorry I’m tired.”

That was the last class with him. Fortunately. I didn’t say anything to him, he just never showed up again.

But I always wonder, if you are not enjoying a class, why are you taking it?

I mean, he was paying for it. It wasn’t like a class at school where you have to take it.

And ok, let’s even say you have to take it for a good reason. In that case, try to enjoy it.

Anyway, despite the uncomfortable moments, I’m happy I ran into that student. After that last class I made an important decision: I would only work with students who wanted to learn.

It’s better for them and also better for me.

The first class is the filter. If I see that the student enjoyed the class I prepared for them, great, we can continue; if not, well, they can probably find another teacher who suits their needs better.

That being said:

I teach Ecuadorian Spanish for Americans, and I have something for you:




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